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Formula SAE is a student design competition organized by SAE International (previously known as the Society of Automotive Engineers). The competition was started in 1978 and was originally called SAE Mini Indy.

The concept behind Formula SAE is:

A fictional manufacturing company has contracted a design team to develop a small Formula-style race car. The prototype race car is to be evaluated for its potential as a production item. The target marketing group for the race car is the non-professional weekend autocross racer. Each student team designs, builds and tests a prototype based on a series of rules whose purpose is both to ensure onsite event operations and promote clever problem solving.

The prototype race car is judged in a number of different events which are divided in two parts, the dynamic and the static events, with the maximum number of points amounting 1000. Dynamic are the events that the car competes on track and Static are the events in which the team competes in terms of ideas, management and design.

  • Dynamic: 675 πόντοι
  • Static: 325 πόντοι

Dynamic events are challenges where the race car competes in the race track:

  • Endurance & Efficiency: 400 πόντοι
  • Autocross: 150 πόντοι
  • Acceleration: 75 πόντοι
  • Skidpad: 50 πόντοι

Static events are challenges that the team has to face regarding ideas, management and design:

  • Cost analysis 100 business presentationDesign: 150 πόντοι
  • Cost analysis: 100 πόντοι
  • Business Presentation: 75 πόντοι

In addition to these events, various sponsors of the competition provide awards for superior design accomplishments.

At the beginning of the competition, the vehicle is checked for rule compliance during the Technical Inspection. It’s braking ability and rollover stability are also checked before the vehicle is allowed to compete in the dynamic events (Skidpad, Autocross, Acceleration, and Endurance).

Formula SAE promotes careers and excellence in engineering as it encompasses all aspects of the automotive industry including research, design, manufacturing, testing, developing, marketing, management and finances.

Formula SAE takes students out of the classroom and allows them to apply textbook theories to real work experiences.